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The City of Shreveport


Compensation: $95,000-$120,000, (based on qualifications)

Deadline Friday, May 10, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Shreveport, Louisiana

Click on www.shreveportla.qov and employment for the full Job description.


The Engineering Division Chief for Water and Sewer of the Department of Engineering and Environmental Services is appointed by the Mayor of the City. The Division Chief reports to the City Engineer. The Division Chief will be responsible for the complete oversight and management of the Water and Sewer Division of the Department.

As of May 13, 2014 (effective date) the City of Shreveport entered into a Consent Decree with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) to address the City’s violation of the Clean Water Act. This Consent Decree requires the City to fully characterize and assess the physical condition of the sewer system infrastructure and to repair, replace or rehabilitate the infrastructure as necessary to eliminate Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO’s) under certain conditions. A Program Manager is responsible for the program. However, this position will oversee, manage and coordinate with the Program Manager.

The work in response to the Consent Decree and the Program Manager are expected to last 8 more years at a similar level as they exist now. This position of Division Chief is a temporary position and is expected to last 8 years or as required.


The Division Chief is responsible for planning, reviewing and updating city design guidelines for municipal infrastructure as well as standards and specifications. The functions of the Division Chief also include participating in bid approvals and work with other city departments and divisions to resolve project related issues. The Division Chief will be expected to be the engineer of record on in-house designs when required.

Guidelines are in the form of City Charter, ordinances, and legal and professional regulations and objectives.

Work assignment is unstructured and Employee is responsible for establishing and directing the mission, vision, and objectives of the Division. Duties performed involve weighing and evaluating multiple complex and abstract factors requiring a high degree of concentration, analytical ability, judgment, problem solving, and an external awareness on a variety of political, business, and community factors.

This employee is responsible for directing multiple employees that require developing and implementing strategies, objectives, and policies; defining an organizational structure and required resources: establishing organizational performance standards; and providing leadership for the division and the community.

Establishes the long term vision and strategic plan for the division in conjunction with the appointing authority, other executives, directors, and managers while integrating the perspectives of policy makers and elected officials into plans.

Provides technical engineering advice and assistance to other departments, elected and appointed officials, other governmental jurisdictions, and consultants in connection with the planning and execution of public works system improvements, programs, projects, and other engineering matters.

Possesses an understanding of the objectives of both internal groups and external organizations in order to collaborate and gain support for city-wide programs, projects, and goals for current and future concerns and regulatory compliance.

Reviews and recommends grant writing strategies to leverage city dollars for system improvements in coordination with other governmental agencies and/or private partners.

Manages the development and implementation of the division’s goals, objectives, policies, and priorities that enables employees and the division to be successful now and in the future. Creates overall organizational design and optimizes resource allocations based on the long term vision of the division and available financial resources.

Provides leadership and direction to directors, managers, and staff members to ensure the continued development and management of an efficient division.

Establishes effective decision making processes that achieve goals and objectives.

Resolves complex issues with multiple internal and external stakeholders that add value to the overall management of the organization.

Represents the division in meetings with elected and/or appointed officials and other city entities. Serves as the city representative with a variety of public, business, and community organizations and fosters collaborative relationships to the benefit of the organization. Ensures divisions accomplish annual work plans, strategic initiatives, and performance standards. Creates and promotes a positive, inclusive work environment that supports consistency throughout the organization’s strategic and operational methods.

Oversees the financial status of the division including developing long and short range financial plans. Monitors the budget to ensure sound financial controls are in place. Sets financial priorities to ensure the division is operating in a manner that supports the city’s financial goals. Selects, trains, develops, and evaluates subordinate staff. Makes decisions on hiring, terminations, promotions, and disciplinary actions as required.

Minimum Requirements:

  • The Division Chief must possess a bachelor's of science in engineering, preferred with an emphasis in civil engineering, environmental engineering or water resources engineering. A professional engineering license (P.E.) is mandatory. A minimum of fifteen (15) years of engineering experience is required.
  • Knowledge of the city and state's policies, laws and regulations is required. The applicant should possess a thorough knowledge of principles and practices of civil engineering, laws and procedures of land surveying, principles and practices of project management as well as local laws, codes and regulations related to public works design and construction. It is the responsibility of the Division Chief to ensure that the project is designed and implemented in a manner so as to resist natural hazards such as a flood. Applicant needs an understanding of technical drawings and environmental concerns, such as sewage details, road design and transportation infrastructure and oversee project implementation, including budget and timeline factors.
  • Ability to apply professional engineering principles: ability to maintain harmonious working relationships: creative talent and imagination: ability to perceive and visualize spatial relationships of plane and solid objects: logical mind: facility in mathematics: verbal facility and ability to write and print dearly and distinctly.

Physical Demands: (Physical Demands are a general guide and specific positions will vary based on working conditions, locations, and agency/department needs);

  • Sitting: remaining in the normal seated position.
  • Handling: seizing, holding, grasping, or otherwise working with hand(s).
  • Talking: expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words.
  • Hearing: perceiving the nature of sounds by the ear.
  • Repetitive motions: making frequent movements with a part of the body.
  • Eye/hand/foot coordination: performing work through using two or more.

Working Environment:

  • Pressure due to multiple calls, inquiries, and conflict.
  • Subject to many interruptions.
  • Subject to varying and unpredictable situations.
  • Subject to long irregular hours.
  • On call 24 hours a day.

The City of Shreveport is an EEOC Employer

You may submit Resumes via:


City of Shreveport Engineering Department
c/o Patrick Furlong, City Engineer
505 Travis St. Ste 300
Shreveport, LA 71130